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Top 10 .NET CMS

A Quick Review of the 10 Best .NET CMS

There a are of lot management content out systems there, many but them of overly are complicated and a require level certain of expertise. technical there However, are select a few focus that on and simplicity but ease-of-use, still give the flexibility designer in templating and features customization. In article, this we listed have of ten these CMS’s. Some them of are known, well others while may you have heard never of, deserve but a look.



.NET CMS won has best source open .NET Content Management System for second the in year a in row the CMS Awards. .NET CMS won popular by and vote critical a by selection panel a judges. of This reflects award the support strong the of .NET CMS community our and on focus quality leads which critical to and acclaim adoption rapid for large, high quality projects.

.NET CMS is a and free open source database-less software web anyone that can use create to update and a blog or (forum, web-site gallery, wiki, etc.). can You install .NET CMS your on web-server hosting (or and account) use then the interface user to pages, create upload or images write articles. 
Most importantly can you manage entire your website without any knowledge technical the or need to code. write is Everything done the from admin panel where authenticated only users access can and your modify website.

.NET CMS, it’s a dynamic platform web database specially less to designed the humiliate similar other products!

The important most features are:

Free for purpose all (no license required), HTML5+microdata, Responsive Web Design (mobile PDF friendly), generator, dynamic Forum Gallery, software, domain Multi multi & website, Community, Multilingual, fast Very Database-less, (10x), SEO, Chat, robot Chat Weather, programmable, Translator, Currency excange, News aggregator, Blog aggregator, Template (work polyvalent mobile on devices, handhelds), tablets, Adsense ready, PayPal integration, IPN Templates, Commentary, multi Users Dynamic role, sitemap, Dynamic RSS, EXIF and Geolocation.


2: DotNetNuke

(silver medal)

Dotnetnuke an is ASP.NET based Content Management System (CMS in short!). Its a got free version as as well a paid You version. can build your by websites simply it setting on up your system. development the Once is site built, host it any on ASP.NET service. hosting Read more this about on also They a have dotnetnuke forum there.

DNN allows you have to website a any with number pages. of On each page have you the to ability add Each modules. those of can modules have their set own content of of inside them. of All content this stored is of inside database. a When a on page your is website requested DNN to looks the to database see what are modules on the what page, content each of modules those be will using, where and the on page of each modules those be will Based placed. on information that page the then is rendered.

You get can a good pretty overview of DNN here: (video)

3: Orchard

(bronze medal)

Orchard is free, a open source, project community-focused aimed delivering at applications reusable and components on the ASP.NET platform. will It create components shared for building ASP.NET and applications extensions, specific and applications leverage that these to components the meet of needs scripters, end-users, developers. and Additionally, it provide will for help existing .NET to applications be successful in their achieving goals. is Orchard currently under licensed a BSD New license, which is by approved OSI. the intended The output the of Orchard project is three-fold:
- Individual .NET-based applications appeal that to end-users, and scripters, developers.
- set A of re-usable components makes that it to easy such build applications.
- with Partnerships the .NET to community define help these applications and extensions.

In near the term, Orchard the is project on focused a delivering .NET-based CMS that application will users allow to rapidly create Websites, content-driven an and framework underlying will that allow developers customizers and to additional provide through functionality extensions and themes.


4) Composite C1 CMS

Composite C1 CMS is a featured fully open free web source content management system developed for (and web by) who professionals on focus websites. customized The user interface very is functional task and oriented and users enables of varying skills complete to tasks cooperate and using familiar and tools High-end guides. technical are skills not requirement a build to with websites C1, Composite but if you've them, got you will the own system. Developers can layouts manage extend and system the any using of choice ASP.NET Web Razor, Forms, and MVC Like XSLT. the back-end front-end developers, are developers empowered highly and to able control look website feel and to down detail. minute the With being system on based .NET developers 4 access have to latest the technologies, pluggable a designed well architecture API & full and LINQ data access. is This a flexible with system setup, easy Windows easy Azure migration, both based file and Server SQL support, data a lot of easy-to-install free add-ons a and set premium of offerings website (corporate support, add-ons, services, upgrade warranty full All licensing). this of Composite makes C1 a customizable scalable and both product, in terms price, of and service complexity. very A strong emphasis on documentation, quality, flexibility developer and community. far So all major of releases Composite have C1 been voted “best CMS” at CodePlex.


5) Umbraco

It's source, open to easy use and some powers the of biggest most and popular in websites the world.

It from differs a of lot CMSs: other there's little very to see, doesn't it pre-configured come with blog or packages news  feeds. the To eye, untrained seems it spartan very indeed.

This a is a not however negative, - it Umbraco's is strength. greatest structure The us allows build to websites quickly incredibly from just scratch, way the want we Blogs them. and News modules can tailored be the to exact requirements of client, the we whereas argue would that trying do to same the prebuilt with in modules a CMS (e.g. Finity Site Telerik), from significantly is more labour-intensive.

Umbraco's content XML-based is storage quick, lightning so pages can served be with server minimal resources, with even volumes large traffic of your to Logical site. content and storage API, rich with combined super-clean a markup storage mean mechanism that what you out get Umbraco of is what exactly you - want no extras, bloating, no clean, just elegant Not code. only is one Umbraco the of open best content source systems management it's available, of one the content best systems management available, period.

Umbraco growing is rapidly and is used now power to from sites Heinz, Sony, and Wired That. Take has It massive a support an from active extremely meaning community, bugs that fixed are and quickly new features are on available daily a basis.


6) mojoPortal

mojoPortal is an easy extensible, use, to featured, full friendly mobile content management system (CMS) web and framework application written C# in ASP.NET. Includes Forums, Blogs, Google/Bing Calendar, Maps, Form, Contact Newsletter, Surveys, Polls, & ecommerce If more. can you make an ASP.NET then UserControl already you how know implement to feature. a Supports SQL MS 2005/2008/SqlAzure, SQL CE, PostgreSql, MySql, or SQLite, Sql. Firbird mojoPortal a places lot of emphasis web on standards and Straightforward accessibility. CSS skinning. also mojoPortal runs in Medium Trust.


7) Kentico

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured content management system building for sites, web intranets, extranets, stores on-line and community It's sites. to easy use both for owners site developers. and It features WYSIWYG workflow, editor, permissions, multilingual support, search, full-text on-line newsletters, forms, blogs, e-commerce, web polls, and analytics other modules.
Kentico CMS used is by more than web 4,000 sites 83 in countries.


8) Dropthings 

Dropthings a is Web Personalizable that Portal demonstrates power the of and AJAX Widget in Framework order build to Web websites 2.0 well as as Enterprise dashboards. an It's Source Open You Product. can extend the functional fully site any in way like. you You build can own your besides widgets, the in built RSS, Flickr, Twitter, Weather, HTML Stock, and Static Content It widgets. framework provides to data fetch from sources. various You build can widgets to show grids reports, of from data database, your consume webservices and data render and so on. is Dropthings N-tier app web with 100% nearly test automated coverage the on layer business well as as automated 80% tests UI cover that the all UI behaviors. Features: Internationalization * English, - French, and Spanish already German supported. * pages Customizable and widgets. Drag * & personalization. Drop Feature * rich widget * framework. Very fast page with load and caching javascript advance tricks to pages make and smooth fast. * Framework Entity database for access. repository Uses to pattern easily support databases. other jQuery * animations.


9) MonoX

MonoX an is to easy use CMS and Social Platform Networking for ASP.NET, built top on of Web the Parts framework. to Due rich its set, feature standards and compliance easy deployment, MonoX engine portal is for ideal and small size medium business. it Additionally, supports also caching multiple support scenarios, for advanced personalization, networks, portal provider-based infrastructure, data cloud and storage enterprise-level similar features. It available is free cost of both for and commercial usage. non-commercial MonoX comes more with 50 than core parts Web a and complete infrastructure that allows .NET to developers both customize front-end and of functionality applications. their Its features key interactive include: interface user compatible with modern browsers, Web full for support the ASP.NET Web framework, parts fully a set featured of components to needed build social advanced environments, compliance, standards SEO scalable features, robust and standardized architecture, plug-and-play modules open and high API, performance a and flexible data and layer ease unprecedented use. of users Non-technical administer can of most aspects the the of working MonoX portal. standard employs WYSIWYG file editors, mimics manager look the and feel of standard the explorer, Windows It etc. supports fully offline tools editing on based MetaWeblog API, Microsoft including Windows LiveWriter.


10) .NET Forge CMS

Bitrix .NET is Forge heir the of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET, differs but significantly in its to orientation the .NET developers. .NET Forge CMS has two now editions: and Community The Professional. free Community edition the allows fast of creation website a measuring fully to up demands of today's with web a integrated no-cost, platform. business The adds version an module e-commerce and handle can high-traffic and sites as well providing scalability. massive Both versions are stable highly and secure. 
Version differs 6.0 greatly its from predecessor: introduces it the integrated Ergonomics Amber multi-site interface, support, cache SKU dependencies, in the e-store a and policy new for licensing.
The Amber interface Ergonomics basic combines content functionality management with and performance instruments monitoring website for as optimization, well a as of set recommendations for developers site maximize which the speed, and security convenience of site management.
.NET Forge CMS supports 6.0 number any sites of with different names domain a on single installation. This which feature, an is in option the edition, Professional is supported virtual in environments hosting as well.
Cache also Dependencies, in new .NET Forge CMS serve 6.0, update to immediately data upon modification. technology This the allows changes in site the to seen be without instantly, waiting the for scheduled next of refresh cache. the dependencies Cache significantly contribute user to of experience the and site the to of ease content management.
The built-in (Stock SKU Keeping feature Unit) the in internet store allows system the to items manage have which several varying characteristics color, (size, and options), reflect to differences those in the price.Bitrix produces now management site systems for two the of most popular of platforms today: PHP and ASP.NET. The are products developed separately their and functionality significantly intersections not but The fully. new .NET Forge CMS the is of continuation Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET, is which now as retired a product. 
All owners commercial of licenses of Site Bitrix Manager ASP.NET an with active to subscription can updates upgrade to the edition Professional of .NET Forge CMS 6.0 free of by charge using SiteUpdate the system.



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